How To Make Cocktail Drinks

How to Make a Margarita

The ingredients needed for a margarita are:


1½ oz. Tequila
½ oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Lime Wedge


To make the margarita, make sure that the margarita glass you will be using has been chilled.  Once chilled, you have to prep the glass first so that it looks presentable and up the part.  Get the wedge of lime and insert the lime’s meat into the rim of the glass and move it around until all the glass’ rim is moist.  Remove the lime wedge and dip the glass into a sauce with salt so that the glass gets rimmed with salt.


Place some ice into the cocktail shaker.  Place the tequila, the triple sec, and the lime juice inside the cocktail shaker.  Place the cover of the cocktail shaker and shake the contents well.  Once satisfied and you think the contents have taken the temperature of the ice but not diluting them, pour the contents into the salt rimmed glass you made earlier.  Add some garnish using a lime wedge.  Serve and enjoy.

How to Make a Martini


The ingredients needed for a martini are:


3 oz. Gin
1 oz. Vermouth
Olive, Lemon Peel, or Lemon Twist


To make the martini, make sure to chill all the ingredients including the material you will be using like the cocktail shaker and the martini glass.  Once chilled, get the vermouth out and the cocktail shaker.  Place ice on the cocktail shaker and put in the 1 ounce of vermouth.  Twirl the contents until the vermouth gets the temperature of the ice.  Get a mixing glass and pour the contents of the metal shaker.

Get the gin out and place 3 ounces of it into the cocktail shaker.  Put the shaker’s cap and swirl the contents vigorously.  Make sure not shake it in a way that it creates bubbles.  Drain the gin into the mixing glass.Mix both ingredients together by swirling the contents.  Get a martini glass and pour the mix into the martini glass.   For garnish, place a lemon peel, a lemon twist, or an olive into the mix.  Serve and enjoy.


How to Make a Mojito


The ingredients needed for a mojito are:


1½ oz. White Rum
½ cup Club soda
10 Fresh Mint Leaves
4 Wedges of Lime
White Sugar


Get your cocktail shaker and place the rum inside it.  Add 1 wedge of lime and the 10 mint leaves.  Take a muddler and muddle all the ingredients together.  Make sure to crush the mint leaves and the lime wedge that you placed inside the shaker.  Muddling will ensure that you get all the essences of both ingredients.  Make sure there are no large bits present.


Once you finished muddling, add some ice into the shaker.  Place the cover of the shaker and shake well.  Make sure that the content gets chilled up well during the shaking process.  Do not strain the content and pour it directly into the serving glass along with the bits and chips coming from the muddling as well as the ice.  Top the mix with the club soda.  Serve and enjoy.


How to Make a Moscow Mule


The ingredients needed for the Moscow mule are:


2 oz. Vodka
½ oz. Lime Juice
4-6 oz. Ginger Beer


To make the Moscow mule, place the lime juice into a Moscow mule mug (copper mug), then add some ice into the mug along with the vodka.  Fill the mug with ginger beer.  Make sure to use ginger beer and not ginger ale.  Stir the contents.  You can add a garnish of lime in the cocktail. Serve and enjoy.

How to Make a Moonshine


Moonshine is a spirit type of alcohol.  You need certain tools and equipment to make moonshine.


Equipment needed:


Pressure Cooker
Copper Tubing
Metal Pot


Ingredients needed:


10 gallons Water
10 lbs. Cornmeal
10 lbs. sugar
½ oz. Yeast


To make a moonshine, first drill a hole on the cover lid of the pressure cooker.  Insert about an inch of the cooper tubing inside the hole.  Make sure that the copper tube is snug on the hole with no leaks.  This will serve as the condensing tube.


Boil the water inside a metal pot.  Add the cornmeal and stir it with a stirring instrument.  Cook for a few minutes until they combine and create a thick paste.  Remove the pot and allow it to cool.  Place contents into a clean bucket.  Add the sugar and the yeast into the bucket and stir.  Loosely cover the container with the cheesecloth and place in a dark area.  This begins the fermentation process.  Brownish foam will appear that rises up each day.  When this no longer rises, it means that all the sugar has been used up.  When it no longer bubbles, the mash is ready for distilling.  This is now called a sour mash.


Strain the sour mash with a clean t-shirt and place the strained content into the pressure cooker.  Place the lid of the pressure cooker and place it atop the stove.  Guide the copper tubes from the pressure cooker lid to pass though the sink with cold water and onto your collecting container.  Turn on the stove at low heat and collect the liquid that comes out at the end of the copper tube.  Transfer the collected distillate into container jars and you now have a finished moonshine.